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Exciting Trends in Bridal Bouquets: What’s In for 2023

Bridal bouquets have become as dynamic as the ever evolving bridal dresses. Serving as a natural centerpiece to the bride’s ensemble, the bouquet holds immense importance. It can reflect the wedding theme, incorporate seasonal flowers, or include sentimental elements cherished by the bride. Designing the perfect bouquet requires careful thought and planning. In the following paragraphs, we present the latest and most captivating trends in bridal bouquets for 2023 – many surpassing all expectations.

Vibrant Color Bursts

Traditionally, bridal bouquets predominantly featured all-white flowers like:

  •  Lilies
  •  White roses
  •  Baby’s breath
  •  Daisies

They complemented the bridal gown. 

But modern brides are now embracing vibrant and colorful bouquets. Some lean toward bouquets that match the bridesmaids’ floral arrangements. Others choose complementary hues to make the bride stand out. In warmer regions, bouquets often incorporate tropical flowers. The Midwest, on the other hand, witnesses a surge in popularity for colorful mountain blooms. This trend of infusing more color into bridal bouquets is expected to gain momentum in the coming years.

Beyond Flowers: Incorporating Non-Floral Elements

To add creativity and uniqueness, many brides are incorporating non-floral items into their bouquets. From fruits to jewelry – and even pinecones and feathers – these unconventional elements lend a distinct touch to each bouquet. These themes can also be echoed in other floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception. This creates a cohesive and captivating wedding ambiance.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Alternatives

With sustainability becoming a growing concern, environmentally friendly bridal bouquets have gained traction. While flowers are naturally eco-friendly, environmentally conscious brides are, instead, choosing locally sourced and seasonal blooms. Rather than expensive flowers purchased from distant locations, these brides choose wildflowers for a simpler, more natural look. Some even legally forage flowers and greenery from nearby parks. This serves to create stunning, budget-friendly bouquets that embody the beauty of nature.

The Resurgence of Olive Branch Leaves

Olive branches have made a remarkable comeback, even in regions where they don’t naturally grow. The simplicity and elegance of the dark green olive leaves make them perfect additions to bouquets and floral themes. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, olive branches also carry religious and traditional significance. They can connect some brides to timeless themes.

Succulents: An Unexpected Statement

An unexpected trend this year is the use of succulents in bridal bouquets and wedding floral arrangements. Succulents provide a unique texture that deviates from traditional flowers. That makes them excellent accents for rich color palettes and unconventional bouquet designs. Desert weddings, in particular, use succulents as a tribute to their culture and climate. But these captivating plants make a bold statement for brides across all locations.

Ready For Your Big Day?

The world of bridal bouquets is constantly evolving, offering endless possibilities for brides to express their individuality. From vibrant color bursts to the inclusion of non-floral elements, environmentally friendly choices, the resurgence of olive branches, and the unexpected charm of succulents, the trends for 2023 are captivating and diverse. By staying tuned in to these trends, brides can better guarantee that their bouquets will reflect their personal style. They will help to create an unforgettable visual spectacle on their special day.

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