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Houston’s Exquisite Wedding Venues

Houston, TX, known for its infectious energy, is also home to some of the most enchanting wedding venues in the state. From industrial chic lofts to historic ballrooms, the city holds an array of spectacular settings that can really elevate your special day to new heights.

The Astorian

Envision your dream wedding at The Astorian in Austin, where romance meets architectural grandeur. PC: Nate Messarra.

Nestled in the Heights area, The Astorian epitomizes industrial chic with its expansive private loft space. Transport your guests to the glamour of 1920s New York City’s Grand Central Station, complete with 14-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of downtown Houston. The Art Deco design adds a touch of vintage flair to your modern celebration.

Crystal Ballroom at the Rice

Encapsulate the historic richness of Houston at the Crystal Ballroom, housed within the iconic Rice Hotel in downtown Houston. With its roots tracing back to the Republic of Texas, this 1913 ballroom is a beloved historic landmark. The wrap-around balcony, full stage, and dance floor create the perfect setting for a grand celebration, accommodating both intimate and large gatherings with ease.

Nouveau Antique Art Venue

Step into the Nouveau Antique Art Venue, where vintage charm meets contemporary style. With a convenient location on Tuam Street, this venue is adorned with stunning stained glass art, antique Tiffany lamps, and soft lighting that exudes a romantic ambiance. The fusion of old-world and modern elements form a unique and memorable backdrop for your special day.

Magnolia Hotel

(Left) Discover the epitome of luxury at Magnolia Hotel. Let your wedding exude timeless elegance in this enchanting venue. PC: Kate Jones. (Right) Timeless beauty in the Winnie Couture FRAIS gown. A crepe drop waist masterpiece with a sweetheart neckline and delicate geometric seam lines, elegantly paired with a layered organza skirt.

Discover the subtle sophistication of the Magnolia Hotel, nestled in the heart of downtown Houston. With its neutral color palette and delicate finishes, this venue serves as a versatile canvas that adapts to any wedding theme. The floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the space in natural light, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for up to 200 guests.

Houston’s wedding venues embody the city’s rich history, contemporary aesthetic, and timeless elegance, so couples have plenty of choices to create the wedding of their dreams. With each venue offering its own distinct allure, Houston is a great city for a truly magical and unforgettable wedding experience.