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Wedding Dress Sketchbook for the royal wedding By Celebrity Bridal Designer Winnie Chlomin Lee To see more wedding dresses, visit our bridal store near you

sketchbook the royal wedding p1

The gown Winnie has created is her envision of what a royal wedding dress would look like. With a shape to compliment her body and accentuate her in all the best places, a beautifully detailed neckline that leads down the sleeves and flows with her cathedral veil perfectly this royal bride is fit for her wedding day. We picture this bride getting married in a grand ballroom or Cathedral with dramatic stain glass windows, she will be a vision coming down the aisle or twirling on the dance floor.

sketchbook the royal wedding p2

Both the venue and bride scream elegance and class, every detail in the wedding is top tier to match. This reception is one that guests will be talking about even after the honeymoon is over. A timeless reception that includes modern touches for the young couple.

sketchbook the royal wedding p3

This royal bride is the envy of all her friends as she looks like a real life princess preparing to marry her prince. Future brides will be sure to emulate the romantic theme. xx, the Winnie girls.