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The 7 Wedding Trends in 2021 You Need to Know

This year has proven that wedding celebrations can be anywhere and the dress is more important than ever before. From frothy ruffles to romantic sleeves and fun party dresses, this year’s focus is on enhancing brides’ personal styles and versatility.

Shoulder Capes

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Winnie Couture 3281 WINSLET and 8512 REIGN

Capes provide visual interest and dimension to any gown, adding an illusion of a traditional veil or longer train with a modern twist. Gowns feature illusion sheer cape sleeves that give the effortless look of royalty while adding a touch of femininity and dimension.

Clean and Minimalistic

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Winnie Couture 8509 LEONIE and 3288 KEZIAH

The sophistication that comes with clean lines and simple styles radiates confidence and grace. Unapologetically minimal styles flaunt classic, clean lines and timeless silhouettes, while luxurious crepes and duchess satins provide the immaculate structure that contemporary brides desire.

Subtle Sparkle

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Winnie Couture 8513 MINERVA and 8510 NEVAEH

Tonal beading, sequins, and glitter tulle radiate a subtle sparkle, incorporating metallic embroidery for an ethereal touch. Perfect for evening nuptials, “We have created the understated shimmer that glistens through soft english netting to add extra dimension to the silhouette,” said Creative Director Winnie Chlomin Lee.

Layered Skirts

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Winnie Couture 3292 MERIDEL

If you’re looking for a whimsical feel without the fuss of an extra long train or excessively full skirt that adds extra weight, layered skirts offer soft tulle atop beaded underlays create extra volume and dimension while keeping the gown lightweight and airy.

Fantastic Ball Gowns

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Winnie Couture 3283 GUINEVERE and 8508 AZILIS

In the past, ball gowns were heavy and fussy, while contemporary styles are lightweight and airy while incorporating intricate details. Whimsical glitter lace makes any bride feel like the princess she is, while horsehair edging adds structure and volume. Two piece ball gowns allow you to dance the night away with ease at your reception. “The AZILIS gown was carefully designed for brides who are longing to feel extravagant while searching for versatility,” said Creative Director Winnie Chlomin Lee.

Short Dresses

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Winnie Couture 3290 LAVERN

With guest lists shrinking and mini-ceremonies on the rise, the need for a more casual approach is more sought after than ever! The shorter hemline provides brides the ability to be more effortless and on-the-go. The fact that your feet won’t be hidden under a dress is a perfect reason to splurge on a fabulous pair of shoes for the big day!

Lightweight Ruffles

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Winnie Couture 3287 AUBRIE

Romantic, whimsical, and fashion forward; tiered ruffles are essential for the bride that is looking for fun and whimsy. Lightweight, cascading ruffles add dimension and volume to classic silhouettes.

In the current climate, brides are looking for glam without the weight of traditional gowns. Whether they are celebrating their love with an elopement, Zoom wedding, or minimony, brides want to feel more beautiful than ever. These trends and tips will help guide brides to have the most memorable experience of their lives!