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The Seasonal Wedding Trends of Charlotte, NC

Time and time again, Charlotte is a city that experiences the charm of all four seasons. For couples planning their special day in the Queen City, this means a wide selection of wedding trends to choose from.

The Blossoms of Spring

Experience the enchantment of a spring wedding in Charlotte, NC, where dogwood blossoms and a pastel palette paint a picture of love’s renewal. PC: Natalie Watson.

As the state flower of North Carolina, the dogwood blossom is a symbol of grace and beauty. Spring weddings in Charlotte often feature this delicate bloom, with its stunning white and pink hues gracing bouquets and decor. The popular color palette for spring weddings in Charlotte typically includes shades of white, blush, and green. This choice channels the lush greenery that Charlotte is known for as these colors are bound to make you and your surroundings shine.

Savoring the Summer

Summer in Charlotte means vibrant landscapes and great natural lighting from the sun. It’s no wonder that many couples choose this season for their weddings. Outdoor weddings set against the backdrop of barn venues and greenhouses are all the rage. Brides and grooms can share their first wedded kiss under a graceful arch to really capture the summer aesthetic. The popular color palette for summer weddings includes fresh greens, crisp whites, and soft earth tones that will complement the summer season perfectly.

The Cozy Setting of Autumn

(Left) A couture ballgown that marries a plunging V-neck, the Winnie Couture AUBRIE gown has a beaded bodice that dazzles, and a full tulle skirt that adds irresistible texture and dimension to your bridal elegance. (Right) Charlotte’s autumn sets the stage at Circle M Farm, where love blossoms amidst the warm embrace of the season. PC: William Avery.

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, Charlotte’s fall weddings come to life with captivating colors and comforting ambiance. The color palette for autumn weddings often features deep burgundy, rich orange, and rustic brown hues. Couples love the rustic charm of the season as they choose barn and woodland venues, surrounded by the warmth of wooden accents. Wedding themes like rustic and southern are especially fitting during this time, allowing couples to celebrate the country romance that defines autumn in the South.

Weddings in Winter

Charlotte’s winter season is characterized by cool tones and its welcoming environment. Brides and grooms can choose a color palette of icy blues, sparkling silvers, and delicate creams to complement the season’s vibe. Indoor venues with grand architecture and plush furnishings can be found all over Charlotte, ideal for the colder weather. Themes like modern glamour and classic weddings flourish during this season, which is fantastic for couples who wish to highlight the sophistication and intimacy of a Charlotte winter

As a state that radiates with beauty year round, Charlotte has it all. Let the unique beauty of each season inspire your wedding decor and theme as you implement the seasonal trends that make Charlotte weddings truly enchanting.