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Top Four Wedding Venues In Chicago

No matter what type of wedding you have in mind – whether it’s a luxurious fairytale affair or a laid-back country celebration, the planning process can be considerably extensive. Thankfully, you’ve already discovered the perfect dress at Winnie Couture, the go-to bridal shop in Chicago. Now it’s time to find the ideal venue that will set the stage for your special day. Securing a remarkable venue is often a top priority and should be done well in advance – sometimes even as much as a year ahead of time. The venue you choose will undoubtedly reflect your unique personalities as a couple, whether you prefer an art gallery to showcase your artistic flair or a historic building for a more traditional touch.

With numerous options available, we’ve narrowed it down to the top four wedding venues in Chicago to make your decision easier.

Chicago Cultural Center

(Left) A glamorous crystal-beaded A-line gown with a captivating plunging neckline and a flowing tulle skirt, the Winnie Couture LUNA gown is complete with an alluring slit. (Right) Your love story finds a grand canvas at the Chicago Cultural Center, where history and elegance unite for a wedding like no other. PC: Rebecca Marie.

Known for its breathtaking architecture, the Chicago Cultural Center stands as one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the city. With a variety of rooms to accommodate weddings of all sizes, this venue offers a touch of historical grandeur. Originally built as a public library, the Chicago Cultural Center features stunning imported marble details and boasts the world’s largest Tiffany dome.

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Please note that only if hosted in conjunction with a catered reception are ceremonies permitted at the Chicago Botanic Garden… and arranged with Private Events in advance. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, the Chicago Botanic Garden provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding. This venue seamlessly blends with any theme, and its natural landscape offers half of the decorations already built in. Having received multiple venue awards, the Chicago Botanic Garden is undoubtedly a top choice for any couple seeking an unforgettable wedding location.

Café Brauer

A wedding at Cafe Brauer is a blend of elegance and natural beauty, where the historic charm of the building meets the serenity of Lincoln Park. PC: Elle Taylor

Nestled on the west edge of Lincoln Park Zoo, Café Brauer is a charming turn-of-thecentury venue with a distinct vintage appeal. This historic landmark caters to rustic, classic, and vintage style weddings. The upper level of the building features a vaulted ceiling, exclusive Tiffany-inspired chandeliers, and elegant stained-glass windows. With ample space for your guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities, Café Brauer ensures a memorable experience for all.

Art Institute of Chicago

At the Art Institute of Chicago, your wedding is a masterpiece in the making. Surrounded by timeless artistry, your love story takes center stage in this iconic setting. PC: Allison Williams.

While the exterior of the Art Institute of Chicago dates back to 1879, the interior surprises with a modern and stylish ambience. The Modern Wing, in particular, is a popular reception location among loving couples and art lovers. To add an extra touch of excitement, private tours of the collection and special exhibitions can be arranged during cocktail hour. The artwork itself serves as a captivating backdrop, potentially reducing the need for elaborate decorations. Let the masterpieces inspire you as you create a beautiful and unique masterpiece of your own on your special day.

Have You Made Your Decision?

When considering these venues, keep in mind that many of them offer catering options within their packages or provide a list of preferred vendors familiar with the space. This aspect is particularly important for historic locations and can simplify your decision-making process when it comes to choosing a caterer. Overall, Chicago offers a wealth of fantastic locations to celebrate your union. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices mentioned above.

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