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In modern times, trends just keep on evolving and everyone seems to be plugged into what is the latest trend. However, many of the trends of this generation don’t emulate the digital world that the future was imagined to be, rather, they reflect the past and traditions of those that came before them.

The same goes with weddings; many couples now surprisingly want to relive the traditions of how weddings were done in the past, including searching for the wedding dress that will bring their traditional vision to life!

Let’s walk through bridal gown trends that are inspired by traditional preferences, depending on the season and theme of the wedding:

1. What to wear to a winter wedding is a question that is not typically asked as most brides-to-be plan for a summer or spring wedding. However, some prefer to plan for a winter wedding since the weather can be a lot more comfortable for the bride, bridesmaids, or even the guests. When it comes to comfortability, the HENRIETTA gown by Winnie Couture is an intricately detailed sheath silhouette, paired with mesmerizing beaded sleeves. With its traditional design, any #WinnieBRIDE who is wearing this stunning gown can always incorporate both the classic and modest feel while still being comfortable on their special day.

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2. Unlike the winter season, what to wear to a summer wedding is a common question that most brides-to-be ask. Without losing the touch of traditional style, our #WinnieBRIDE Nakia made sure that her FLORENZ gown made her feel the most beautiful on her most special day.

Designer wedding dresses

3.  Another traditional wedding vision can become reality when it’s paired with the right season— spring. Our #WinnieBRIDE Jo, is a perfect example of a bride who described her wedding as “pure magic” because of her Winnie Couture gown that never lost the touch of being traditional. From the gown to the venue, everything just became a magical, unforgettable dream for her!

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Photo by: Crystal Nicole Studios

Whatever season you plan for your special wedding day to take place, you can always ensure that the traditional style you are dreaming of will never be outshined as Winnie Couture’s gown designs are inspired by classic styles and with a femenine touch.

At Winnie Couture, we don’t just realize present-day and futuristic designs; our expert stylists’ love to bring your classic and traditional vision to life as it will never go out of style!