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Wedding planning is full of excitement and emotions, and when shopping for your wedding gown, knowing the silhouette that works for you can ease the process! We have the perfect guide to share with you to simplify your search and inspire all your bridal dreams!

1. BALLGOWN: A ballgown dress exudes classic, fairytale vibes with a touch of added drama! The voluminous skirt balances the fitted top and accentuates the waist while camouflaging the lower body. Examples include: 3283 Guinevere, 3263 Dolce, 8497 Sheridan, 8476 Kennedy, and 8453 Alexis.

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2. A-LINE: An A-line gown is a toned-down version of a ballgown, that remains fitted until the waist where it flares out into a soft A-shape. This creates a smaller waistline while flattering the bust. Examples include: 8509 Leonie, 8516 Arcacia, 8480 Tuscany, 8467 Devyn, and 3279 Jayne

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3. MERMAID: A mermaid gown contours and hugs the body from the chest to the knee, where it then flares out to a dramatic skirt. Most mermaid gowns will have a definite skirt line with a textured skirt whether it be ruffles, organza, or tulle. Examples include: 3271 Gemeni, 3267 Tinsley, 8513 Minerva, 8488 Florenz, and 3251 Everly.

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4. DROPWAIST: A dropwaist silhouette will drop and flare out slightly below the waistline around the hip. This silhouette is similar to a mermaid, but the flare will begin higher up on the hips. Examples include: 8486 Frais, 8481 Opal, 8461 Ainsley, and 8439 Siri.

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5. TRUMPET/FIT AND FLARE: A trumpet/fit and flare silhouette is a toned down version of a mermaid. It will have a straight-lined skirt that subtly flares from the knee toward the hem in a trumpet shape. Examples include: 3281 Winslet, 3289 Gia, 3262 Effie, 3268 Eowyn, and 3227 Avalynn.

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6. SHEATH: A sheath silhouette is a form fitting style that follows the body’s natural line and doesn’t flare out. Examples include: 8512 Reign, 8507 Tris, 8504 Stephanie, 3231 Ozma, and 8485 Nora

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