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  1. Perfect weather 

Fall sits right in the middle of the super hot summers and cold winters. Everyone enjoys breezy fall days, and it is the perfect weather to enjoy to the fullest. In the pleasant fall weather, you don’t have to be worried about getting through in extremely cold conditions or sweating in your gorgeous gown!

  1. Fall leaves and flowers

Since fall is known for its fall foliage, very little comes to mind when we think of fall wedding flowers. Despite that, it is not the case as there are plenty of gorgeous choices even in the fall. Fall weddings can have stunning floral displays of gorgeous fall flowers including colors such as burnt oranges, deep yellows, burgundy, and violets. Using fall flowers in your display will help set an elegant tone that will translate from your flowers to the rest of your wedding.

  1. Fall décor 

When deciding on the décor for your fall wedding, you can create an environment that embodies the harvest season by using available items from nature. For a very rustic feel that would be great for an outdoor ceremony/ reception use burlap to wrap around your bouquet or use on your reception tables as a runner or in decor. Candles or lanterns throughout the reception can give a nice glow in the evening whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors. You can also incorporate pumpkins, painted mason jars for centerpieces and even grapevines! 

  1. Higher guest turnout

You can expect greater availability of friends and family during this season. It is usually the time when your guests have already been away in the months before for summer vacation and are now more likely to be in town or in the country to attend your wedding.

  1. Photographic opportunities

With warm colors and natural, golden lighting, a photographer’s job is made easy. The beautiful setting that autumn offers to a bride and groom translates into classic pictures, reflecting the love of the couple and the tradition of the season.