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winnie couture grand canyon wedding

“A good marriage is like the Grand Canyon. It’s long, deep, challenging and weathered. But looking back or from afar, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.” -Unknown

Congratulations to Winnie Bride Anna from Atlanta kept her wedding simple and elegant and letting her venue do the talking! After all, the Grand Canyon says plenty on its own.

Getting married in a US National park is not gives you a beautiful setting, but even sets up your guests for an unforgettable trip! Interested in a “Grand” wedding of your own? Check out some FAQ’s we have put together to make your planning that much simpler!

Q: What is the best time of year to get married at the Grand Canyon?

A: Any time of year you choose to visit Grand Canyon, you will want to be prepared for a variety of climates.  The South Rim area, where Grand Canyon Village is located is 7,000 feet above sea level. This means a chance of snow in winter and cool nights in summer. High temperatures range from the 70’s to 80’s (21 – 27 ºC) in the summer months during the day, to 30’s and 40’s (-1 – 4 ºC) during the winter.  July and August present a high probability of thunderstorms, while December through March presents a good chance of winter weather and possibly snow.  The nicest weather tends to be in mid-Spring, early Summer and the Fall.

Q: What should I expect when having a Grand Canyon wedding ceremony?

A: This is an important question.  The Grand Canyon is among one of the most stunning locations in the world and makes for an amazing wedding experience.  However, it is a National Park and there are almost always tourists around.  We do our best to create privacy for our clients, but there is no guarantee your wedding will be 100% private.  We have a few locations that we prefer because privacy is more obtainable, but there is only 1 location where the Special Use Permit grants you exclusive use of the area.

Q: How do we get the marriage license?

A: You will need to obtain an Arizona Marriage License. The fee is $76.  If you live in the United States and have at least 5 weeks before your wedding, you may apply for the marriage license by mail through Mojave County.  If you would like to obtain the marriage license in person, you will need to plan to visit any Arizona marriage license office during business hours with either your Passports or 2 forms of official identification; both parties must be present.  In some cases, you may also want to get a certified copy mailed to you after the wedding for an additional fee of approximately $25.