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You’re planning for the biggest day of your life! It’s so easy to stress and get lost in the process so I’ve listed a few tips and tricks to help you stress less and help keep everything in balance during this busy time!

  • Time management!  Make lists daily to help you organize and stay on track.  It’s also okay to delegate, your bridesmaids and family are often more than happy to help out!  
  • Get enough sleep!  Sleeping 7-8 hours on average a night on average will help you have the energy to get through your tasks.  It will also help you stress less and decrease those stubborn puffy eyes!
  • Eat well!  Not only will this help you achieve your pre-wedding nutrition goals, but it will also help you feel better.  Eating poorly can affect your mood and general well being which can add unwanted stress.
  • Take time to breathe!  Taking deep breaths and meditating can lessen anxiety and lower blood pressure.  Participating in Yoga Practice can help aid the habit of doing this.  
  • Get moving!  Exercising helps release serotonin, the happy hormone!  Even walking 20-30 minutes a day can really make all the difference!   It will also help you towards being your healthiest/happiest self for your big day!
  • Pamper yourself!  It’s okay to do a little extra to treat yourself to feel and look your best.  Take a bubble baths with your favorite bath bomb or book a massage or spa treatment.  It’s also fun to include friends or family in some pampering to make a relaxing outing out of the experience.  Just remember to take time for you!
  • Enjoy engagement bliss!  Take the time to connect with your fiancé or partner.  Remember that this is about your love for each other and enjoying all of the special moments leading up to the big day!

XOXO Winnie Couture