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Although wedding registries have made it easier for guests and loved ones to select wedding gifts for the bride and groom, the couple still often ends up getting too many sets of towels and more than one toaster. Not only this, but research has shown that people are waiting longer to get married, and often already have homes and plenty of possessions before they tie the knot. This means that many couples are not in need of the traditional “shower” of household items.

These new modern trends are causing guests to be more creative about the way that they give wedding gifts. It can now be more meaningful to give experiences or items that do not clutter up an already well-sdiamond bridal collectionstocked home. Here are a few of the best elegant and clutter-free gift ideas.


Celebratory Wine Basket

A glass of wine is a wonderful way for the couple to celebrate the special moments in their marriage. A meaningful idea for a gift is a celebratory wine basket that includes a bottle of wine for every milestone that a couple may encounter in their first few years of marriage. The basket can include a bottle for the wedding night, the honeymoon, first Valentine’s Day, and first anniversary. It can even include a bottle of sparkling grape juice for celebrating a couple’s first pregnancy. The bottles can be decorated with handmade tags that add a personal touch to the gift.


Photo Album or Framed Portrait

With the advent of the digital age, it is rarer for couples to invest in physical wedding albums or even framed portraits of their wedding day. A wonderful gift idea is to reach out to the photographer and put together an album or select a special print to be framed and featured in the couple’s home. This way, special wedding memories from first kisses to the brides’ beautiful designer wedding gowns can be memorialized and viewed again and again.


Monthly Subscriptions

One of the most exciting gifts a couple can receive is a monthly subscription. There are so many customizable options that fit every lifestyle. Family and friends can gift subscriptions for a monthly date box, fresh flowers, meal kits, books, coffee, or even home cleaning for the busy couple that needs extra help. These subscriptions are a monthly reminder to the couple that they have the support and love of their family.


Bridal Gifts

There are many ways to show a bride and groom that they are loved and supported, and one of these is to pass down a treasured family heirloom on the wedding day. One of the most special and meaningful gifts to a bride on her wedding day can be a small piece of jewelry that was worn by a loved one, such as a mother or grandmother, on her wedding day. A bride’s gown from the diamond bridal collections can be accentuated by a meaningful piece of jewelry, and she can feel surrounded by love as she walks down the aisle.


Custom Night Sky Memorandum

One unique gift idea is a custom night sky memorandum. From posters to jewelry sets, these gifts take a visualization of the night sky at the exact moment that a special event occurred. Family and friends can have one made to help the bride and groom remember the day and time that they said their vows. This can be a special and attractive decoration for the home.


Gown Preservation

Many brides are regretful that they only get to wear their high end wedding dresses once before putting them away in the closet to gather dust and yellow with age. One of the most meaningful gifts that a bride can receive is gown preservation. There are many beautiful ways to preserve and display a wedding gown so that it can be enjoyed for many years. Preservation will keep it in pristine condition, even enabling it to be used by someone special in the future.

Marriage is a time to celebrate relationships, not only between the bride and groom but between family and friends as well. More and more people are turning to meaningful gifts that nurture this love rather than fill the house with items. There are many gifts that will help the bride and groom to remember their wedding day for years to come, and make them feel surrounded by love and support.