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Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Perfect Outdoor Wedding P1

While some couples would never dare tempt mother nature by planning an outdoor wedding, for others an outdoor wedding is the perfect representation of their personalities and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are in the second camp, here are a few tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.

Shade for Heat, Heaters for the Cold

Depending on the time of year and what time of day you are planning your wedding for, you may need to supplement nature with some shade or heaters. A wedding on a summer afternoon may leave a few guests hot, sweaty, and sunburned. A shaded area for before the ceremony and during the reception offers guests a reprieve from the oppressive sun. Tents are popular options, and many couples opt for a tented reception area for their outdoor weddings. Add details such as fabric over the poles, hanging chandeliers, and flowers to make the tent feel more inviting. Heaters also add a comforting touch to cooler evening weddings, especially in the Spring or Fall.

Food Choices

Outdoor weddings open a host of catering options you may never have considered for a wedding. Pig roasts, barbeque, and island food are perfect complements to an outdoor wedding. Food also has its limitations outdoors, however, and you may find it difficult to keep cold foods cold outside. Remember to speak with caterers about outdoor options, as many include separate packages and additional fees for outdoor weddings.

Attire and hairstyle

Wind is the enemy of wedding pictures. Just when you think you look perfect, a strong gust comes along and blows your hair in your face or ruins the position of your veil. When planning an outdoor wedding, take the elements into consideration when deciding on hairstyles and attire. Rain can make the ground soggy, which likes to trap high-heels, and wind can affect lighter fabrics like chiffon more than other fabrics. If you can, visit your venue a few times leading up to your wedding to see what the conditions are like. Beach weddings may be windier than farm weddings, or your venue may be more sheltered than you think.

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Extra Guest Comforts

For warm-weather weddings, you may consider providing your guests with cool bottled water for during the ceremony. Nothing ruins a celebration faster than a heat stroke after all! Besides water, consider facility options for your guests and event workers. Does your location include bathrooms, or will you need to procure your own? You may even be able to find fancier portable bathroom options to fit the theme of your wedding to make guests feel more comfortable.

If All Else Fails

Even with the best laid plans, mother nature may have her own ideas for your special day. Always have a backup plan in case the weather goes south and an outdoor wedding is impossible. Many outdoor venues have an indoor option nearby, so double check there are no other events scheduled that day before booking and review the details of your contingency plan with all parties involved so there are no anxious scrambles the day-of.