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Taking Care of Your Dress Before the Wedding .

Dress Before the Wedding

For many brides, the gown is one of the more expensive items on their wedding checklist. It’s no wonder some can be a little obsessive over their dress before the wedding. Truthfully, all brides should be a little obsessive when it comes to their dress, as they will only get to wear it once and presentation is everything! Here are our few tips for pre-wedding dress care that we think anyone can follow:


On your way out of the boutique to take your dress home, and traveling to the wedding site, you will want to lay your dress flat in the backseat of the car. This gives the dress plenty of room and won’t cause any unnecessary strain on the fabric. Avoid packing a lot of items around the dress, as they might wrinkle or disfigure the fabric of the dress, and avoid bending or folding the dress, as this may disfigure the shape.


If your dress has sleeves or straps, you will want to take extra care in how you hang your dress both at home and at the wedding venue. Heavy-duty silk padding hangers are great options for heavier dresses and dresses with sleeve details. When storing your dress before the big day, you will want to keep it covered and hanging high, so the fabric is protected and doesn’t get bunched up at the bottom. You can even pull the train out and drape it across a chair, so it doesn’t get wrinkled either. If the dress or the train does become wrinkled, steam may be used if the fabric can handle it, otherwise us a no-steam and low heat setting on your iron with a pressing cloth between it and your dress. Don’t apply heat directly to the dress itself. Remember to store your dress in a temperature controlled room and away from anything that could damage the fabric or color, including humidity. Before the wedding, you will want to remove the dress from the bag to let it air out. Some dresses can contain chemicals that will discolor the dress if left in an airtight bag for too long.


Remember to polish your nails at least a day in advance to avoid smudges on the dress, and visit the bathroom before putting on the dress, as it’s much more difficult to do so afterward. To put on the dress, step into it and have your bridesmaids help with your shoes. Avoid bending down or making sudden movements after the dress is on, as these may cause fabric rips, button pops, or zipper breakages.


It’s best to do hair and makeup before the dress goes on. If any touch ups are needed, drape a towel over the dress to avoid accidental stains or spills. If one does occur, cornstarch or baby powder have been known to mop up oil and beverage stains. Applying water can disperse the stain and do more harm than good.

If your dress survives the whole day, or at least the ceremony, remember to have your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible to avoid permanent discoloration or stains. Store your dress in a breathable bag located in a temperature-controlled room for the best preservation.