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winnie couture bridal

In this modern era, women have a lot going on. School, work, family- women are in leading roles in all of these areas. This means that when they get engaged, they can’t just drop everything to plan their wedding! The modern bride has the skill to juggle her wedding planning on top of her regular day to day, and knows her bride tribe has her back in every step of the planning process.

The savvy bride knows that planning isn’t just a solo gig- after all, she is getting married to a partner, right? So lean on them for planning help! Especially when it comes to seating arrangements and food and music, a marriage is about blending your lives together, and your guests will love to see that both of you are represented in the little details. You also have bridesmaids for a reason, so don’t be afraid to delegate! Asking your MOH to help you address invites isn’t being a bridezilla, it’s being resourceful!

Dress shopping can be a daunting step in the planning process, even for the most fearless bride! How often do you shop for the most photographed article of clothing you will ever wear? Make sure to call on your most trusted friends and family to help you make this decision. Dress shopping isn’t just about finding “The One” (or two!), it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime with people that you love. So maybe don’t invite your little sisters friends coworker dress shopping with you, and just bring the people who’s opinion will matter the most in helping you decide.

At the end of the day, the modern bride knows that planning her wedding isn’t just about picking out what shade of dusty lavender her bridesmaids will be wearing, but the memories she is creating with her closest friends and family during this amazing time in her life as she starts this new chapter.

XOXO Winnie