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Your wedding is a big day that you’ve looked forward to for years. Having the perfect display, music, food, and first kiss is probably all on your mind. However, when it comes to being prepared for anything, you should make sure that you get your insurance policies in order so you don’t have any undue stress on your wedding day.

Your Engagement Ring

It’s likely that you’ve been paying close attention to that ring while you’ve been showing it off to everyone that you can. However, when life gets busy, your attention can sway away from that ring. Before you know it, you knock it on something or take it off to do the dishes and can’t remember where you put it. Life happens and that’s why there is insurance.

While your ring has a lot of sentimental value, it’s absence can provide you with a large financial blow. Due to the high costs of engagement rings, it’s a great idea to consider getting it insured. This way, you know that you can financially afford a new ring if yours gets lost or broken. You don’t want to find yourself without an engagement ring and no money to buy another one.

Your jeweler should have insurance policies available for you to purchase. Or, you can opt for bundling engagement ring insurance on your homeowner’s policy. Most policies will cost you about one dollar for every one hundred dollars that it would cost you to replace the ring. For example, if your ring would cost around 8,000 dollars to replace, you can expect to pay around 80 dollars a year to ensure it. The prices will vary depending on your geographical location, policy coverage options, and so forth.

Your Wedding

As you’ve started to plan out your big day, it becomes clear very quickly just how much of a financial investment it will be for you. Having that investment secured via a wedding day insurance policy can help to keep your stress levels down when unexpected happenings take place. Things like inclement weather, a family emergency, or other problem could end up pushing your date back. When you have insurance, you don’t have to worry.

Wedding insurance can run as low as a couple of hundred dollars or close to a thousand dollars depending on what level of coverage you want. The whole concept of wedding insurance is to be able to get your deposits back for things like your bridal collections, vendors, DJs, and so forth. This type of insurance can keep your finances in order if something doesn’t go according to plan on your wedding day.

The most important part of your wedding day insurance is that it can cover damage to the items at your wedding. One of the most important items is couture wedding gowns. With wedding insurance, you can rest assured that your dress will be covered if there is any damage to it. You can find a variety of wedding insurance providers online. Just make sure to pick the coverage level that you feel comfortable with.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Apart from ensuring your wedding gown collections are insured, you must think about your guests. Unless you have a dry wedding, it’s likely that you’ll have many drinks to go around. And, you should because your wedding is a day to celebrate. Unfortunately, you can’t always ensure that everyone is responsible at your wedding. Having liquor liability insurance can protect you and your new spouse from any financial implications if someone causes an accident while intoxicated.

You’ll likely find that most wedding venues will require you to have liquor liability insurance before they will let you book. This is meant to protect both you and the venue from any unexpected happenings from people who were intoxicated as a result of your wedding. While you may not think that your friends or family members would do anything to ruin your special day, it’s important to have insurance just in case.

You can get liquor liability insurance from a few different places. If the venue that you booked comes with their own bartender, then it’s likely they can hook you up with a liquor liability policy. If you’re hiring your own bartenders, then you may need to look at some online sources to get the liability insurance you need. Realize that liquor liability insurance will protect both property and injuries that occur as a result of an alcohol-related incident.

This type of insurance will cost you a few hundred dollars up to a thousand depending on what coverage limit you decide to go with. The size of your wedding is going to play a big role in your coverage limit choices. Most policies will cover up to a couple of million dollars in total. This will be broken down into individual limits for specific events. For instance, the medical expense limit per person maybe around 10,000 dollars and then damages to the venue may be covered for up to 300,000 dollars. Understanding the individual instances and their coverage limits is a necessity so you know what you’re paying for.

Getting married is a big step in your life. It signifies your commitment to your lifelong partner and matures you even more. While you may just want to kick back and enjoy the celebration of your wedding with close friends and family, you still need to prepare responsibly. You want your new life with your spouse to be one of plenty, not one of financial instability as a result of an unexpected happening at your wedding.

By getting insurance for the big expenses in your life, you can protect your financial future. When it comes to your wedding, you should at least be getting your engagement ring, wedding day, and liquor liability insurance booked well ahead of time. These are the bare minimum as there are various other types of insurance policies that you can get to better protect your financial future with your new spouse.