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Today’s Most Popular Reception Foods .

Today’s Most Popular Reception Foods

There are many wedding traditions that different cultures all over the world practice. Some traditions revolve specifically around the food served. Rice can be seen as a symbol of fertility, while bread represents abundance. In western cultures, cake is a tradition incorporated in almost every wedding, with a whole ceremony involving the bride and groom cutting into it. Sometimes the couple may even save the top portion of their cake to eat on their first anniversary. Whether a couple chooses a more traditional menu, or modernizes their food choices, the catering choices of today reflect the couple’s personality and tastes just as much as the decorations and the ceremony itself. Here are a few top food trends we are seeing in the wedding sphere for today.

Time of Day Affects Menu

As couples continue to experiment with start times for their weddings, some opt for a cheaper morning wedding as opposed to the traditional late afternoon slot. This can affect the food they offer guests, as most people prefer not to eat dinner for breakfast. Brunch foods are often cheaper options for couples looking to cut costs, and they may not even have to serve a whole meal. Some innovative morning wedding couples have even swapped the traditional wedding cake for a beautiful and tastefully decorated stack of pancakes. Different reception times have allowed couples the freedom and creativity to incorporate unique elements to the dining experience.

Location Affects Menu

Besides the time of day, couples may also change their menu depending on where their reception is located. Indoor weddings can support traditional sit-down dinner courses, whereas outdoor weddings can incorporate food trucks, pig roasts, and ice cream stands. If a wedding is outdoors, food options may be limited if refrigeration is needed or prep space is non-existent.

Going Green and Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot trend not only is personal households and business, but for weddings as well. Couples who are committed to sustainable practices likely won’t chuck that out of the window in the name of extravagance. Many couples today are incorporating locally grown food options and greener meals overall into their plans. The meal can be the biggest source of waste for a wedding, and couples are finding ways to cut down on their paper and plastic use for their receptions. Caterers have embraced this trend and may advertise as a green or sustainable business to attract earth-conscious couples.


It’s difficult to choose a menu that every guest will love, which is why some couples are adding elements of customizability into their wedding menus. For dessert, guests can create their own unique ice cream sundaes. Fry bars are also a big hit with options for different flavors of salt and dressing. With diet concerns more at the forefront of everyone’s minds, customizability gives guests more options to choose from without having to worry as much about allergies or diet restrictions.

Playing with Color and Them

The final trend today’s couples are following when it comes to their wedding menu is cohesion. Some couples will match their meal with the decorative theme, choosing complementary colors or styles of cuisine. Another they are playing with theme is by having a theme specifically for the food. For instance, there may be a table with bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon donuts, and even bacon flavored drinks. Having this flow with the food helps create cohesion with the overall theme of the wedding instead of experiencing the food as a separate part of the ceremony.