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Top Trends in Bridal Bouquets .

Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets evolve almost as quickly as bridal dresses these days! Besides the dress, the bouquet is a natural centerpiece to the bride’s ensemble. The bouquet can match the theme of the wedding or include flowers that are in season. It may even include elements of utmost importance to the bride, such as fabric from a deceased relative’s wedding dress or flowers from her hometown. When it comes down to it, a lot of thought goes into the bouquet, and it’s not usually something that can be thrown together at the last minute. Here are the top trends in bridal bouquetsfor 2018 you will want to know about!

Pops of Color

Historically, the bridal bouquetshave matched the dress with the inclusion of all-white flowers such as lilies, white roses, baby’s breath, and daisies. However, many modern brides are opting for more vibrant colors in their bouquets. Some bouquets will match the bridesmaids’ floral arrangements, while others will include complimentary colors to help the bride stand out amongst the ladies. Tropical flowers are common in tropical climates, while colorful mountain flowers are popular in the Midwest. The inclusion of more color for bridal bouquets may be a trend we will see increasing in the years to come.

Non-Flower Elements

Many brides today are also including non-flower items in their bouquets. Fruit, jewelry, and pinecones can be found in bouquets all over the country. This adds a bit of creativity as well as uniqueness to each bouquet. These themescan also be accented in other floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception to give the wedding a cohesive feel.

Environmentally Friendly

With the push for environmentally friendly everything, bridal bouquets are no different when it comes to greener solutions. You would think that flowers in general would be green enough, but many environmentally-conscious brides are opting for more local and in-season flowers for their bouquets and floral arrangements. Instead of sourcing flowers from around the country at a pretty penny, these brides are choosing wildflowers for a more natural and simpler look. Some brides will even legally forage flowers and greenery from a nearby park to create their beautiful and budget-friendly bouquets.

Olive Branch Leaves

On the other side of the spectrum, olive branches are rising in popularity once again, and not just in areas where they naturally grow. The simple, dark green leaves of the olive branch are simple and elegant touches to any bouquet or floral theme. Plus, they also carry religious and traditional significance that connects many brides to themes of the past.


A surprising trend this year is that of the use of succulents in bridal bouquets and wedding floral arrangements. Succulents not only give a different texture to the bouquet than what’s typically experienced with flowers, but they are also wonderful accent that pair with rich colors and non-traditional bouquet additions. Weddings in desert areas may include succulents as an homage to their culture and climate, but they are a bold statement piece for brides no matter where they are located.