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Every bride dreams of planning her wedding, but the process can seem a little daunting when scrolling through the hundreds of thousands of ideas on Pinterest.  Here, we’ve listed some unique wedding trends that have come into popularity for you to consider for your special day.

Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets with lush greenery, an array of flowers and have been on the rise! This style of bouquet is extravagant and will make a statement in all of your wedding day photographs and bridals as well as add an ethereal touch! 

Unique wedding cakes and desserts 

Traditional cookie-cutter cakes are now being replaced by modern architectural cakes, marbled cakes, donuts towers, pies, cupcake bars, cheesecake bars and more! These unique treats will appeal to the couple’s taste buds and the guests as well! 

Velvet Everything! 

Ahh, Velvet! There is no greater way to elevate your wedding than adding a touch of this rich fabric! Brides have been using velvet for their bridesmaids’ dresses, table linens and even invitations being embossed in velvet! 

Muted or Dark Color Palettes

While many weddings still have a light pop of color, many have been bringing in a darker and bolder or more muted color.  Sage, dusty rose, navy, black, and burgundy have been staple accents in bridal color schemes, bringing an edgier feel to the traditional white wedding.

Specialty cocktails 

Specialty cocktails and “Bride” and “Groom” cocktails are trending! This is a great way to still maintain an open bar for your guests and also have drinks that the newlyweds love. Guests can order your favorite drink in a fun and unique way that will also create a lasting impression. 

Out of the box venues 

There has been a rise of out-of-the box venues! Brides are opting for barn, breweries, libraries, greenhouses and even museums to host their special day! These options are great in terms of expenses and also help couples showcase more of their style and personality.