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Wedding Dos and Don’ts That No One Tells You About

Another wedding season is just around the corner! Whether you are the one getting married, or you are an invited guest, we could all use a refresher on basic wedding etiquette. Of course, there are dozens of micro-mannerisms we could thoroughly exhaust—but for the sake of brevity, we have included only the most basic dos and don’ts that no one tells you about weddings.

For the Bride and Groom—Don’t Talk About Wedding Planning 24/7

It may seem like the wedding details are consuming your life right now, and it’s difficult to talk about anything else. Try to remember that your friends and family have lives too, and maybe they don’t want to hear about invitation drama for the fifth time. Of course, your wedding is exciting and you want to talk about it! That’s completely fine. Maybe try to keep it to every third thing you talk about rather than the only thing you talk about. Better yet, let your friends know about the fun details that are coming together, but perhaps leave the drama for your Maid of Honor—that’s what she’s there for right?

For the Bride—Do Get a Comfortable Dress

As if there weren’t a hundred decisions to make about your dress already as you browse through wedding dress collections, but hear us out. The only thing that will matter on your wedding day (besides feeling your best in it) is how comfortable your dress is. Look, you will be wearing this dress most of the day. Bathroom trips will be awkward pretty much no matter what, but some dresses are worse than others.

The other factor some people forget about (probably because there isn’t much room for a chair on bridal shop pedestals) is how easy it is to sit in. Some brides get all the way to the reception before they have a chance to sit down, only to discover their dress wasn’t designed for THAT kind of movement. Do yourself a favor and take a seat while you are trying on dresses from a wedding gown collection. If you have your eye on some Winnie Couture dresses, you definitely want to make sure you love every aspect of the dress before investing in your dream dress.

For the Guests—Don’t Bring an Unexpected Plus-One

Weddings are expensive. That’s no surprise. One of the more pricy sections of the wedding budget is catering. Often this is broken down by the number of guests or the exact number of plates being served. If you show up with an extra guest no one planned for, they may go hungry that night while they wait in the corner because there was no place setting for them either. Don’t embarrass everyone by bringing the extra person, unless you have personally asked the couple weeks, if not months, in advance so they have time to include them in the details. Weddings don’t just happen overnight. Show some courtesy and finalize your RSVP by the date the couple has asked.