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winnie couture bridal gownsOur wedding day is quickly approaching, so we have been meeting with our wedding planner every weekend to go over what is still needed for our big event. We have already planned most of our purchases, and we’ve left a deposit with several of our vendors already. However, my wife had some trouble finding the perfect dress for our wedding. I can’t complain about her taking her time to find the right dress for our special day because I know she’s been dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little child. I want it to be a magical event that we’ll remember forever, and I want our guests to be surprised by how much consideration we put into all facets of our wedding day. For that reason, I’m willing to put off hanging out with my buddies to help her work with the wedding planner for our wedding.

We’re in love, so I know this wedding is going to be the only one I’ll ever have. That’s why I’m willing to put extra time into making everything perfect for this one special day. I’ll spare no expense to make my wife happy about every aspect of our wedding.

Putting Together Our Wedding

My wife has been focused on the wedding dress as her primary target for this month, but I’m not allowed to see the dress before the wedding. I only know how the dress looks based on what I have overheard her friends and family said after they went with her to the fitting. She worked with our wedding planner to find the shop that supplied the wedding dress, and she met everyone at the shop to try it on to make sure everything fits perfectly. 

Last weekend, she met her mother, her sister, her best friends, and our wedding planner at the shop to look at the dresses they carry. Before going to the shop, she was worried that they wouldn’t carry her favorite style in her size, but the tailor at the wedding dress shop was able to make arrangements to have the dress fit to her size. Her friends and family approved, and the wedding planner assured her that her choice matches the designs of the wedding perfectly. 

Finding this shop wasn’t easy. The wedding planner had to look through all the nationwide bridal stores across the country to find the style my wife requested. I believe it is one of those fancy Winnie couture bridal gowns with a lace veil attached to it. The wedding planner had to find Winnie couture bridal gown retailers that would carry my wife’s size, and she had to make sure there would be a tailor at the store to make changes to the dress. My wife was panicking that something would go wrong in this process.

Almost Ready for the Wedding

My wife knows that the most important part of our wedding is that we’re in love with each other. She knows that the wedding day is only happening once, but our love is eternal, and we’ll be with each other for many years. However, this lovey-dovey stuff didn’t stop my wife from trying her hardest to put together a specific look for our special day. I don’t blame her wanting to look her best at the altar in front of her family and friends.

Weddings only happen once if you’re lucky, and I think we’ll be the lucky ones to not have to go through another wedding in the future. However, we’re going to have a video of the event, and we left a deposit for the photographers already. I know that we’re going to see my wife in her wedding dress for many years to come, so it has to make her happy. If she isn’t happy in the dress, then I’m going to have to deal with cheering her up about the way it fits every time we see the photos and video.

My wife is beautiful, and I’m a lucky guy, so I know she will look great on her wedding day. I’m the fortunate fella who gets to have the privilege of standing next to her to say my vows. I’ve already got my tuxedo picked out. It was the first tux I tried on at the store. I went with my old friend, and the sales guys helped me into the trousers that fit me alright. I can’t imagine the process being any simpler for me.