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Chicago Winnie Couture Shop

When it is time to plan a wedding, there’s an array of things to decide and do. When a bride begins searching for the perfect wedding dress, she deserves to shop in a sophisticated, elegant, and relaxed bridal boutique atmosphere, which is just what Winnie Couture offers.

As a true, intimate experience, the bridal appointments available offer brides and their families access to a shop full of the most modern, highest-quality dresses available today. What truly sets this shop apart is the premier selection of beautiful, couture wedding dresses along with a huge array of bridal accessories that aren’t available anywhere else. Some of the dresses in this shop have been featured in top wedding publications and blogs, and there’s a huge assortment of designer dresses available.

How Soon Should a Bride Begin Shopping for her Wedding Dress?

If a bride chooses a couture wedding dress that is being custom made, it’s best to begin shopping for it at least 8 to 10 months before their wedding day, but that depends on the designer selected. Most wedding dresses require four to five months to arrive once they have been ordered. It’s also important to keep in mind any additional alterations or fittings that must be done once the dress arrives.

Some dresses are available on a “rush” basis, but additional charges will apply. It’s a good idea to speak with those at the wedding dress boutique to find out how soon a dress should be ordered to ensure it will arrive on time for the big day.

The Bridal Appointment Experience

A bridal appointment involves a one-on-one consultation to provide a bride, along with their family, the best experience when shopping for a wedding dress. What this means is that brides will have the ability to browse the selection of dresses while enjoying personalized attention from a professional consultant in a relaxing and quality atmosphere. Brides can even browse the selection of dresses ahead of time by visiting

It’s important for brides and their families to call ahead to schedule the appointment so they can feel confident the time and date they desire is available. This is going to ensure that the appointment goes smoothly and that the bridal consultant is available to provide the assistance that is needed.

Getting the Right Wedding Dress

When it is time for a bride to choose her wedding dress, there are several factors and considerations that can help ensure the buying process goes smoothly. For example, they should determine a budget ahead of time and figure out the style or type of dress they want. Also, consider what embellishments and accessories are wanted.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by shopping at the right bridal boutique. More information about this is available by contacting our team of professionals and scheduling a consultation. Those who are interested can also find us here to learn more about the experience we offer each of our brides and their families.