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No one plans to have a stress-filled wedding morning. However, with emotions running high, family members gathered together, and a massive amount of details to arrange, stress can seem inevitable. After the bustle of preparation, finding the perfect dress at Winnie Couture bridal stores, and finalizing all the details, it is absolutely possible to achieve a stress-free wedding morning. Here are some suggestions for enjoying a calm day.


Hire a Wedding Coordinator

One of the best feelings is knowing that you have a wedding coordinator to take care of every detail on the day of the wedding. You do not want people coming to you with questions every five minutes while you try to prepare for the day. You should hire a wedding coordinator and make sure that everyone knows to direct questions to them on the day of the wedding.

Have a Plan for Every Type of Weather

Whether you have planned an indoor or an outdoor wedding, weather can be fickle and interrupt carefully laid plans. It is extremely important that you prepare both mentally and practically for every type of weather. Try not to set all of your hopes on a perfectly sunny day, and make preparations for wind, rain, and extreme heat. Let your wedding coordinator know all of these plans so that they can execute them without your help on the day of the wedding. Also, remember that some of the most beautiful and unique pictures can be taken in the rain, snow, or even wind.


Pack a Wedding Dress “Emergency Kit”

Even with the careful preparations of your seamstress, accidents can happen. From spilled beverages on your wedding dress to missing buttons, you should come prepared for last minute repairs. One of the best things you can do is to pack a wedding dress “emergency kit” to keep in the wedding dress bag. This should include spare buttons, thread, safety pins, a bleach stick, and a pair of scissors. Many bridal gown shops can give you suggestions of what to pack in this last-minute kit.

Plan Some Quiet Time

The day of the wedding can be an endless stream of activities. It is important for you to intentionally plan some quiet time throughout the day. Give yourself a few minutes alone at the beginning of the day to journal, listen to music, or just drink a cup of tea in silence. You should also plan time before the wedding to center your thoughts and take a few deep breaths. Finally, be sure to schedule time after the ceremony or during the reception to steal away with your new spouse. Have a few minutes alone to share thoughts and sneak a couple kisses.


Find a Safe Place for the Dress and Rings

There is nothing more stressful than trying to find a lost wedding ring. On the day before the wedding, find a safe place where you can keep the dress, rings, and other important items. Choose a location that is out of sight and secure. When you shop for wedding gowns, be sure to also pick up a special bag where you can keep the wedding rings, other jewelry, makeup, bobby pins, snacks, and anything else you will need for the morning of the wedding.

Surround Yourself with Calm People

Although it can be fun to be surrounded with your entire giggling wedding party while you put on your makeup and style your hair, this may result in a stressful morning. Set aside time to spend with your bridesmaids after all of your necessary preparations have already been made, and plan to only have the most special people close to you throughout the rest of the morning. Although you cannot always control other people, try to do your best to keep stressful or noisy family members away while you get ready.


Let Go of Perfection

In every wedding, there are going to be imperfections, little accidents, unexpected challenges, and unforeseen circumstances. The best thing that you can do is to let go of your perfectionism concerning the wedding day and determine to enjoy every moment. It is the choice of the bride and groom whether these little imperfections are remembered as something that ruined the whole day or as funny circumstances that added to the charm of the wedding. Remember what is important about the wedding day: family, your new spouse, and the love and support of all of your friends.

Your wedding should be a beautiful experience filled with peace and joy rather than stress and details. It is possible to have a stress-free wedding morning by having the right state of mind and by setting a few important things in place. With the right preparation, and by letting go of your perfectionism, you can have memories of a fun and calm morning to treasure for many years to come.