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The Pricing of Winnie Couture Wedding Dresses

Determining the exact cost of Winnie Couture wedding dresses can be a challenging task. The prices for these dresses can vary depending on various factors and may have changed since the time of writing. But this guide aims to provide you with a general understanding of the price range and help you make a good choice during your shopping experience.

Winnie Couture Dresses

To begin, let’s provide some basic numbers as a starting point. The price range for Winnie Couture designer dresses typically falls between $2,589 and $8,989US. It is important to note that this range is considerable and can accommodate various budgets.

Exploring Winnie Couture Wedding Dresses

If you’re going to tie the knot soon, and you’re looking for an exquisite bridal gown for your special day, Winnie Couture has got you covered. As a premium luxury bridal salon in California, we have been dressing up stunning brides in dreamy wedding dresses for over two decades. Our collection features classic, elegant, and highly sophisticated bridal attire that enhance the glamour and charm of the bride.

Winnie Couture Bridal Collections

We take immense pride in offering two opulent and enchanting bridal labels: The Diamond label and the Blush label. You can explore the website or schedule an appointment at one of our bridal fashion salons to view the extensive range of designs available in both collections. Choose a gown that aligns with your expectations and complements your wedding theme.

Diamond Label

Shine bright like a diamond with our hand-crafted Diamond label custom wedding gowns. These opulent and majestic bridal silhouettes are meticulously crafted using the finest quality European fabric. Our experienced artisans embellish these gowns with high-grade Swarovski crystals, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance. The cost of these Diamond label gowns typically ranges between $3,150 US and $6,850 US.

Our Top Three Diamond Label Custom Wedding Gowns

  • Winslet 3281: This fit and flare gown accentuates your best features with confidence. Intricate lace details and a plunging neckline contribute to its bold and alluring look. It is the perfect wedding attire for brides with a smaller chest and comes with detachable tulle cape sleeves, enhanced by Swarovski crystals.
  • Henrietta 3282: This sheath silhouette gown showcases detailed lacework and features beaded sleeves and an illusion backline. It exudes a dreamy and romantic aura, making it a captivating choice for any bride.
  • Guinevere 3283: With its ball gown silhouette, this dress offers a straight-out-of-a-fairytale look. The horsehair hem adds sophistication, and the sparkling white color radiates charm. Be a shining firefly in this enchanting wedding dress.

Blush Label

The Blush label embodies a perfect blend of tradition and modern styling. It offers soothing designs with impactful styling elements. The cost of a Blush label gown typically ranges from $2,589 US to $4,989 US.

Our Top Three Blush Label Bridal Dresses

  • Diamante 8506: This astonishing A-line bridal gown features an intense plunging neckline and a light, airy tulle skirt that gives the bride a fairy-like appearance.
  • Tris 8507: With its lace sheath silhouette, detachable off-shoulder sleeves, and enticing beauty, this wedding gown flatters brides of all body types.
  • Azilis 8508: A two-piece ball gown with crystal beading and detachable sleeves, this dress boasts a layered tulle skirt that multiplies the charm of the bride.

 It’s Time to Make a Dress Decision 

For the past two decades, Winnie Couture has been adorning brides with breathtaking wedding gowns. Our diverse collection of mesmerizing customized dresses reflects our deep understanding of the fashion industry. Book an appointment with us and experience the majesty of our bridal gowns today. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us using our convenient online form.