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What Size Wedding Dress Should I Wear? Here’s How To Determine

You are in love and ready to say, “I do.” But first, you need a perfect wedding dress that fits you perfectly. How do you find your wedding dress size? How do you measure yourself for a wedding dress? What if your measurements do not match the size chart? What size wedding dress am I or what is my wedding dress size? These are common questions for brides-to-be.

Wedding Dress Sizes Are Different from Regular Sizes 

Wedding dress sizes and regular dress sizes are different. Your wedding dress size may be different from your usual size. Wedding dress sizes use an old standard chart that fits various body types but may not match modern brides’ preferences. 

Another reason is that wedding dresses have firmer and tighter fabrics than regular clothes. These fabrics need more precise measurements and alterations to fit you well. Wedding dresses also have more details, like lace, beads, sequins, and bones, that affect how they fit and feel on your body.

What Size Wedding Dress Am I?

To find your wedding dress size, you must measure yourself for a wedding dress. It would be best to have soft tape, a pen, and a piece of paper to write your measurements. You also need someone to help you measure yourself correctly. Here are the steps:

  • Wear the underwear and shoes you will wear on your wedding day. This will make your measurements match how your dress will fit on your big day.
  • Measure your bust by putting the tape around the biggest part of your chest, keeping it flat on the floor. Do not make the tape too tight or too loose.
  • Put the tape around your waist, above your belly button. Keep it flat and not too tight or loose.
  • Measure your hips by putting the tape around the widest part of your lower body, usually around your butt. Keep the tape flat on the floor, and do not make it too tight or loose.
  • Write your measurements in inches or centimeters, depending on what your bridal salon uses.

What Size Wedding Dress Would I Wear?

After you measure yourself, you can check the size chart of the boutique or designer you like. You can find these charts online or ask for them at the shop. The chart will show each size’s bust, waist, and hip measurements. You should pick the size that fits your biggest measurement. 

Do not worry if your measurements are different from one size. It is normal to have some differences between various parts of your body. The main thing is to pick the size that fits your biggest measurement because it is easier to make a wedding dress smaller than bigger.

How to Get Your Wedding Dress Altered

Changes to the dress may be necessary to ensure it fits you well and comfortably on your wedding day. Plan your first fitting about two to three months before your wedding date. Have two to three more fittings before your take possession of your dress. The last fitting should be about two weeks before your wedding date. This will ensure your dress fits you well and does not need any more changes.

Where to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

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