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DIAMOND LABEL(US$2,500 – $8,500)BLUSH LABEL(US$1,700 – $6,500)

The Blush Label Collection encapsulates a blushing bride to be’s wildest dreams, creating gowns that soothe the soul while maintaining a high fashion design that is sure to leave a strong and lasting impression.




The Blush Label Collection by Winnie Couture combines light and airy textures with modern silhouettes, creating a dreamy and angelic mood. Floral organza, chantilly lace, and clouds of tulle adorn the pearl and crystal white color palette, allowing each gown to naturally flow between each careful fabric selection. The delicate crystal work embellishing this collection creates a magical and whimsical sparkle that shines in the light without distracting from the natural elegance of each gown.